Brand Identity

Kryptomind's marketing team develops branding solutions

for enterprises, businesses, and goods. Businesses seek our branding services whether they want to create a new brand or rebrand an existing one.

Our branding services include

Brand Discovery and Research

  • Workshops
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Audits
  • Brand Strategy

Brand Messaging and Positioning

  • Brand Name Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Logo and Identity Design

Logo and Visual Identity Design

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Implementation

Brand Rollout Strategy

  • Brand Systems
  • Brand Extensions

How we work


We provide discovery workshops to determine your company’s competitive advantages. It helps you name your brand, define its fundamental qualities, and create supporting messaging. We want unanimity on these branding imperatives.

Analyze competition

We analyze rivals’ brand identities, digital presences, and more. This activity identifies business opportunities and critical differentiators.

Audit brand

When a firm rebrands, we do a brand audit.

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