DevOps Consulting

Using the DevOps software delivery approach

we build, test, deploy, and monitor applications with speed, quality, and control. Our Agile methodologies let you create ready-to-ship software products sooner.

DevOps Services by Kryptomind

Consulting for Full-Stack DevOps Implementation

Using the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model, we can help you automate the development, testing, and deployment of your apps at any stage of their life cycle.

DevOps Technology Consulting

Choosing, installing, and configuring the appropriate tools for an efficient DevOps environment, as well as training your employees in the DevOps technologies employed.

DevOps Project Recovery

Our team finds and fixes cross-team communication issues. Identify and fill DevOps tool and methodology knowledge gaps. Solve technical issues (e.g. CI/CD configuration). Improve automated testing coverage, etc.

DevOps Start-up Consulting

Our team creates a strategic plan. Creating a precise roadmap for DevOps implementation while educating your team on DevOps technologies and methods of operation. Assisting with the implementation of a DevOps solution.

How we do it

Three simple steps to fast-track your project delivery.

Requirements Gathering

Development & Testing

Support & Maintenance

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