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We mastered the marketing of IDO company

with our team’s extensive expertise in ICO marketing. Our project managers and marketing professionals guide companies through the whole Initial DEX Offering cycle, from creating tokenomics to distributing tokens for sale and providing post-IDO support.

Services we provide:

Video Marketing

We create video content for influencers' channels, plan AMA interviews with founders, create presentations, and hire contractors to assist.

Paid Traffic

We identify ad networks for traffic, create creatives, and conduct test campaigns. Influence marketing: We work with worldwide, and local crypto industry thought leaders.

Social Media

We use social media to connect with localized groups, increase subscription numbers, answer queries from possible investors, and entertain the audience. It is a necessary component of IDO project management.

Public Relations and Content Marketing

Our team produces, creates, and edits written content prepares press releases, and identifies distribution channels. A robust public relations campaign and outreach to all major crypto sites may significantly impact token and community development.

Post-Token Sale Marketing

The BD Consulting team makes every effort to assist crypto companies after the token sale. Our clients are still looking for investors to back up their initiatives.

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