Design & Development

Case Study

What we did

A group of investors approached us about developing decentralized finance under their brand. It lacked its own IT staff, server infrastructure, and understanding of how things worked and what rules applied to them. Their vision was to reveal the actual value of decentralized finance by offering people complete exposure to digital assets. They intended to fulfill Beyondfi’s primary goal of allowing millions of users to access NFTs, Synthetics, Derivatives, Fund/Asset Management, and access leading lending protocols, incubation protocols, and more. This interest in decentralized finance is developing among retail and institutional investors.

What we accomplished

Beyondfi is a digital asset platform that provides various services, allowing anybody to access, develop, and trade in limitless markets. This ecosystem included the following items:

Staking Beyondfi –

Beyondfi offers an inbuilt staking mechanism on its DEX where users may stake their BYN in exchange for a substantial weekly payout. Unlike traditional staking platforms, where users are solely eligible for staking yield, Beyondfi staking additionally offers Trading incentives, in which stakers get a share of the platform’s trading charge. As trade volumes on Beyondfi DEX rise, so will the amount of trading incentive.

Beyondfi Trading of Synthetic Assets –

Beyondfi’s synthetic asset trading platform allows users to diversify their asset exposure beyond cryptocurrencies to include foreign currencies, commodities, and stocks. Users may simply invest globally in a broad-based financial asset with the USDb created via BYN staking.

Products in the Index –

Users may utilize index products to decrease risks and diversify their portfolios. The index products offered by Beyondfi are based on a particular subject or market trend. These include sector-based, region-based, market capitalization-based, and theme-based, and they pique the attention of market players and traders.

Ecosystem of Tokens

Beyond the Token (BYN)

BYN is the Beyond protocol’s fundamental token, serving as collateral, governance, and fee payment token inside the Beyond ecosystem. There may not be a viable ecology in the early phases of the Beyond system for the processes to work correctly. As a result, a significant amount of the Treasury Fund will be incentives for users who staked their tokens and actively contributed to the ecosystem.

Tokens Made Up

On the Beyond platform, synthetic tokens exist as ERC20 tokens that may be freely transferred and exchanged on the Beyond market. Because of the decentralized nature of the synthetic tokens, they may potentially be traded on other exchanges.