Design & Development

Case Study

What we did

Block merchant’s mission was to create a cryptocurrency wallet that would accept crypto payments for your businesses without any complexities or inconvenience. Our team was asked to design and develop a wallet that has detailed and in-depth auto invoicing features for tax compliance and effective customer information collection for KYC and AML requirements enabling merchants to reach out and connect with a large segment of potential consumers looking to spend crypto-assets.

Project’s Objectives

The primary purpose of this project was to study the competitors and provide a distinct wallet experience. The owners of block merchant have been in the sector for a long time and have tried several cryptocurrency wallets, but none of them meet all of their requirements. They asked us to design and create a product with cutting-edge security features based on market and user research.

Our work

We began with a client team workshop, and our developers engaged with the project manager many times to completely grasp the client’s needs. We next established a User Persona, followed by competitor research and mapping. We investigated the platform functionalities of competitors. We devised a distinct value proposition. We began creating the features after gathering all of the information. The objective was to establish a wallet for businesses so that they could easily conduct crypto transactions from the central dashboard with a single click. Another objective was to make the app more visible to the user. We wanted every charge to be obvious since the Crypto community dislikes hidden fees. With transparency in mind, we designed the primary dashboard as the total account balance, allowing users to see the most recent transactions as well as the wallets’ current and historical values. Every feature was planned and built with mobile users in mind.

Website design

Features we created

Functional Structure
Our Point of Sale Terminal Application is a cutting-edge, contactless payment system for merchants, service providers, and other sorts of businesses.
Making transactions more convenient and secure while lowering volatility risk.
Begin to acknowledge the world’s fastest-growing asset class.
Making payments possible in the future.

Billing and Compliance
We provide detailed and extensive invoicing and transaction monitoring to ensure compliance with VAT, AML, and KYC.
A completely transparent method for creating an open ledger for your company to oversee transactions.
A function for gathering client information in order to meet “Anti-Money Laundering” and “Know Your Customer” standards.

Fee for Algorithmic Protection

We have developed a game-changing method for protecting yourself from short-term volatility on every transaction.
An in-depth algorithm that examines the market and predicts the extent of potential volatility.
A recommended charge is produced at the moment of sale to assist safeguard the merchant from selling at a short-term loss.
No other service provides comparable security.

Reduces the possibility of fraud
Our high-quality crypto asset business transaction application lowers the danger of fraudulent activities and payment fraud.
By processing all transactions as final and final, the program prevents any sort of chargeback and thereby decreases the danger of malicious claims.

Merchant Listings
By displaying all locations with Block Merchant enabled establishments, we provide a mapping tool that helps both consumer and merchant users.
Allowing customers to locate locations where they may spend their cryptocurrency in person for products or services.
Displays which assets are accepted by each business.
It also provides businesses that use the site with free promotions.