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Dafi is a decentralised network which is building an entirely new incentive model for every protocol & application. Today everything decentralized relies on inflation. DAFI engenders illimitable applications with truncated inflation, by superseding simple token rewards with dTokens. As a network grows in demand, dTokens distributed to users can increment in quantity. Essentially, DAFI converts demand volatility into utilizer rewards.

The major features that characterize the functionalities of Dafi - Rewarding Network

Super Stake

The Dafi protocol features a super stake characteristic that rewards users pegged to network adaption and social factors which creates an equilibrium between supply and demand.


The Dafi protocol is based in the multiverse where protocols and applications can reduce inflation while supporting long-term users and growth.

Networks 2.0

The Dafi protocol also features networks 2.0 providing reinvented staking, liquidity and social models to create robust decentralization with limitless applications.

Product design

Super Staking

Super Staking can be thought of as Staking 2.0, where you get more than simple token rewards. Instead, you receive dTokens which grow alongside the network. As a network becomes more adopted your dTokens multiply in reward quantity. Super Staking instead, converts volatility in the market demand into reward quantity. No longer will users have to be diluted through large inflation rates which devalue the protocol. Say goodbye to being forced to exit the network you love to cope with a fluctuating market. Your long-term commitment to the success of a protocol can properly be rewarded, you finally become an actual part of the network.

Total DAFI Staked

This is the total DAFI staked across the entire network by the community.

Fees Collected

Total fees collected and redistributed to active users. Each time someone decides to exit, a withdrawal fee is applied to convert dDAFI rewards into DAFI. This is currently set at 25%, the dDAFI fees are sent back to the rewards pool and later redistributed to active-users in the system. Over time, you will accumulate a portion of other users fees.


Your accumulated, unclaimed dDAFI rewards. These will change depending on the distribution rates, as well as the demand of the network multiplying your quantity.


  • React
  • Stellar
  • React Native
  • Node
  • Ethereum
  • MongoDB

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