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Dunk – A Non-Fungible Token-based Shoe Resale Platform that also supports Wallet Connect. Dunk NFT uses an Ethereum blockchain. The Authentication process is required to place a sneaker for selling at Dunk NFT Platform. The seller user places an Auction, and any other user can buy the NFT by bidding on them, and that Token will be transferred to that specific buyer. Dunk Lottery provides its users a chance to win NFTs. Dunk Staking gives a variety of “Tier” to stake the tokens for a particular time to get some incentives.


The major features that characterize the functionalities of DUNK NFT are as follows

Wallet Connect

The Dunk NFT platform enables users to connect their Metamask wallet to the platform to sign up. This allows users to conduct NFT transactions directly through their Metamask wallets.


The Dunk NFT platform also verifies NFTs through an authentication mechanism that authenticates all NFTs before uploading them to the platform.

DUNK Auction

When the sneaker is authenticated via the admin’s authentication process, the user can place an auction and set any desired amount to sell the NFT.

DUNK Lottery

Moreover, The Dunk NFT platform also contains the Dunk lottery feature where users can play and win a chance to receive a special NFT with DUNK tokens.

DUNK Staking

Users can also stake and lock up their NFTs to the DUNK Platform to earn rewards and tokens passively while maintaining ownership of their NFTs.

DUNK Staking

Stake DUNK to Earn Profit Users can stake tokens for a specific time, and they will get profit from it. They have to stake their tokens, and in reward, they will get Dunk NFT as a profit.


Take pictures as straightforwardly as possible. It will make your authentication process faster. Users have to upload 3-D images of the Sneakers.

The following Fields are required for the AUthentication Process:

Model-Name Brand Edition Size Color Condition Description The request will be sent to the Admin. Admin will approve request so user can place an auction.


With Blockchain Technology and Key Strategic Partners, we have created a borderless transparent and decentralized Resale Platform.

Enjoy Bid and Sells with a Low Fee

Using NFT technology, Transactions on DUNK are safe, transparent, and fast resulting in lower sales fees than any other resale platform.

Fake-Zero Technology

Using NFT technology and Professional Authentication Service Providers, every DUNK is authenticated with Transparent and Immutable Data.


As our Core Partner, Out of Stock (OOS), operates offline resale stores in locations such as Lotte Department Store – DUNK Platform will provide 020( Online to Offline) service with OOS.

Additional Services

From Auction to Staking, Lotteries, and Community – You can enjoy our services more than just BUY&SELL!