Design & Development

Case Study

What we did

FitScrypt was developed by a group of developers who sought to combine health and fitness awareness while playing an important role in the Web 3.0 onboarding. This lead us to the previously unexplored cryptocurrency Fitness industry. FitScrypt’s founders wanted their concept to expand beyond the scope of Pancakeswap. The creators are also aware of the requirements posed by huge centralized exchanges. As a result, a deflationary tax protocol was created, and contract ownership was not relinquished until all conditions are met.

FitScrypt, as a smartphone application, compensate users for their gym time. Many people struggle with motivation during their fitness journey. FitScrypt not only allows users to earn FitScrypt tokens, but it also has a geofencing system that is easy to implement. Any workout you can think of will allow you to mine and gather your way to fitness in the gym. FitScrypt customers receive 100 $FIT tokens for a one-hour gym session. Users can also pick a 30-minute session for a payout of 50 $FIT tokens. When users attend their local gym, the timer begins. The tokens are immediately added to the user account once the session has ended. Users can withdraw their tokens after “mining” a minimum of 1000 tokens

The App's Exciting Features


Users of Auto-Mine may utilize this tool to receive crypto rewards without having to do anything.


FitScrypt allows all gyms and their members to participate by utilizing modern location technology.


By actively attending to the gym and progressing through the stages, users may win additional tokens.


At the touch of a button, you may earn crypto incentives. Users will receive 100 tokens after each 60-minute session.


Users can withdraw their coin to a participating exchange or a crypto wallet.

FitScrypt has created a new standard for development and leadership in the tokenization revolution, while also providing concrete value and long-term viability in a market that is exclusively based on the network effect. FitScrypt’s functionality will help with Web 3.0 generational onboarding.

FitScrypt is an easy approach for anyone to begin building their cryptocurrency portfolio. Users who are new to cryptocurrency might start getting token incentives for a weekly activity. FitScrypt will serve as a community for people to learn more about the cryptocurrency sector as a whole. Getting started in the realm of defi is as simple as downloading an app and mining your way to fitness.