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HOGI Crypto Wallet – Send, receive & exchange crypto wallets.

Hogi Wallet is a Decentralized Blockchain Marketplace that is a simple cryptocurrency wallet. This is a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet that uses mnemonic phrases to generate many random public and private addresses. HD Wallets also operate a scheme that prevents other users from guessing passwords.

Multi wallets

The Hogi Wallet provides users a multi-wallet feature that enables them to transfer funds from one currency to another without any hassle all through one application.


Users can send and receive all kinds of coins in the crypto market like bitcoin, lite coin, Ethereum, and many more, all using one single application.

Maintain Transaction History

Users can quickly check the transaction history of sending and receiving crypto coins. It is an effective way to maintain all the records to make financial analysis easier for users.

Analyze your data

Users can create custom reports with an easy-to-use drag and drop designer to generate reports according to their needs. This helps to make financial management more streamlined.

Collaborate securely

Users of Hogi Wallet can also share their reports with other people. This helps to collaborate while making essential trading decisions and analyzing data.

Easy and Intuitive

The Hogi Wallet application significantly emphasizes the user experience to provide users with an easy-to-use app to manage their finances efficiently and without any hassle.

Embedded analytics

To assist users further with analytics, The Hogi Wallet also features an embedded analytics feature so that they can integrate their wallets with other analytics tools out there.