Design & Development

Case Study

What we did

Magic TV Box is an entertainment site with a collection of the best Arabic TV channels from Egypt and the Middle East; with more than 200 Arabic TV channels and radio stations, it has everything ranging from Arabic movie channels to Arabic drama and News. Sports, Music, Talk shows, and even cooking channels.

In November 2017, they were doing significant traffic and wanted an online presence. Kryptomind developed a web application for the magic tv box and provided it with a beautiful interface.

Website design

Our skilled team of developers turned our client’s concept into a reality. Kryptomind came up with a method to create the Magic TV Box online interface after days of brainstorming and idea-driven collaboration.

The magic tv box has a single user interface developed with certain functions using woo commerce and is managed with WordPress on the backend.


Every work’s success is determined by its scalability. Kryptomind is overjoyed to announce that Magic Tv Box presently has 200k+ active users, most of whom are Arab. This website not only allowed us to expand our skill set but also allowed our customer to enhance his targeted business in the most effective way possible.


Our designer created a clear and intuitive design for our client by combining creativity and experience. Our UX/UI professionals worked hard to create user interfaces that were clear, efficient, and unique, resulting in a great user experience and meeting clients’ objectives.