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What we did

Today, cash can be called the most anonymous, simple, and fastest means of payment. However, cash circulation has a significant disadvantage. Our client wanted a decentralized momentary system, meaning it cannot be counterfeit. Our algorithms allowed us to preserve the fundamental advantages of cash – anonymity, simplicity, and speed.

Weipay is a financial platform for people and companies that is decentralized. The world’s first initiative that allows you to mine a coin by making purchases and sales and offering startup finance based on risk-sharing and decentralization principles. The mobile wallet may compete with internet banking in terms of functionality.

Website design

The built-in Private- and InstantSend technologies allow you to depersonalize the transaction parties while entirely enhancing transaction speed. The ability to track who originally belonged to the cash received on the account is lowered to zero by mixing and utilizing indistinguishable standard quantities in the PrivateSend function. The InstantSend function enables cryptocurrency holders to perform instant transfers: the transaction is verified even before being recorded in the blockchain, making WEI a common form of payment.

Simple methods for transferring WEI

You may send payments to relatives or friends using WEIpay not just by entering a wallet number or scanning a QR code but also by providing a phone number.

The most common methods for sending and receiving money

Pay with WEI cryptocurrency by connecting your phone to the payment terminal provided by our team to the merchant, scanning the recipient’s unique QR code, and entering the WEIpay wallet number.

Earn money by spending it and receiving WEI

When using WEI as a payment method, both parties earn a reward in the WEI coin. So, for your firm, there is a possibility to earn more than the buyer pays, and the consumer, in turn, pays less for the items.

Transaction velocity

You no longer have to wait for the money to be received since the InstantSend algorithm confirms the transaction even before entering the blockchain. As a result, WEI payments are completed in a couple of seconds.

WEIpay payment system allows people and companies to transmit, receive, and store only one cryptocurrency – WEI. The availability of private keys is a fundamental distinction. Organizational wallets are a centralized form of WEI storage to avoid fraudulent behaviors linked to the WEIpartner system and WEIback algorithm. Private data is stored in the system.