Training Program

Learn with actual working professionals. Get to know what it takes to be a blockchain developer and understand the core concepts that will help you kick-start your career.


Professional Instructors

Learn from our professionals with 10+ years of experience and get to know the application side of Blockchain.

Working Environment

Get trained under an actual office working environment and see how development unfolds in real-time to get actual working experience.

Trending Topics

Learn the most in-demand technologies to kick start your career in one of the present highest-paid field that is blockchain development.

Get Hired

Not only will we hire you on the basis of your output, but we will also help you to get in touch with the best companies in Pakistan & all around the World.

What will you learn?

Course Table of CONTENTS

Starting from 16th July 2022

Sr. NoLesson NoDateTitle
1One16 July 2022Blockchain Basics
2Two17 July 2022Managing Blockchain Transactions
3Three23 July 2022Blockchain Testnet
4Four24 July 2022Blockchain Data
5Five30 July 2022Private Blockchain
Sr. No Lesson No Date Title
6 One 31 July 2022 Algorithms & Techniques
7 Two 6 August 2022 Trust Essentials
7 August 2022 Public Holiday
9 Three 13 August 2022 Smart Contract Basics
10 14 August 2022 Public Holiday
11 Four 20 August 2022 Solidity
12 Five 21 August 2022 Putting It All Together
13 Six 27 August 2022 Best Practices
14 Seven 28 August 2022 Digital Assets on Blockchain
15 Eight 3 Sept 2022 Decentralized Applications (Dapps)
Sr. No Lesson No Date Title
16 One 4 Sept 2022 Wallets
17 Two 10 Sept 2022 Web 3.0
18 Three 11 Sept 2022 Blockchain Solutions
19 Four 17 Sept 2022 IPFS

Kryptomind (Pvt) Ltd Blockchain
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Why choose Kryptomind?

This class is held on-site.

You will directly study fundamental topics from experienced blockchain engineers.

Real-world projects will be assigned to you.

If you are the best in your class, Kryptomind will also give you an internship opportunity.

Looking forward to providing you with a wonderful blockchain learning experience.

Certification Summary:

This Blockchain specialization course gives a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental ideas of blockchain technology. You will learn the basic components of a blockchain, its operations, underlying algorithms, and the essentials of trust, along with designing and programming smart contracts in Solidity language. It will prepare you to design and develop end-to-end decentralized applications (Dapps) – which provide anyone with access to the blockchain’s features and services. Learners will be introduced to other blockchain platforms, details of two decentralized application use cases, and challenges such as privacy and scalability.

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