Let's achieve the goals.


There's a wealth of growth potential to develop your career in the long term. We at Kryptomind provide you the the tools and experience to do just that.

Open & Transparent

Everyone stays informed, about projects, policies and upcoming changes and everyone's input is welcome.

Helpful & Supportive

As a part of the team, you will never have to do the work alone.

Refined environment

A clean, stable, thought provoking environment so you can stay productive.

Our Benefits

Stay Healthy

Enjoy our Medical health coverage. In your toughest times, we won't leave you alone, we will stand with you and make sure that you and your family gets the best treatment.

Fuel Allowance

Let us handle your fuel costing. With ever increasing fuel allowance, we want our employees to not worry about their saving being consumed by fuel.

Provident Fund

An escape plan. Kryptomind provides you interest free benefit. We believe everyone should have a well funded escape strategy and this is exactly what we offer.

Recharge and Refresh

A huge list of vacations, and the best part all of these are paid. We understand that everyone needs to refresh and recharge. Don't want to use them, we will pay you for that.

Find the role that suits you the best.

Throughout the year!