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Dafi is a decentralised network which is building an entirely new incentive model for every protocol & application. Today everything decentralized relies on inflation. DAFI engenders illimitable applications with truncated inflation, by superseding simple token rewards with dTokens. As a network grows in demand, dTokens distributed to users can increment in quantity. Essentially, DAFI converts demand volatility into utilizer rewards.
Senoa (SNO) is a technology business based in North America that operates a decentralized social network and asset exchange. Senoa’s deflationary token is based on the Binance Chain (BSC), while the Polkadot Chain powers the social network and trading. Using fundamental pillars, the Senoa social network and exchange provide a dynamic link between DEFI, NFT, and the actual world.

G-Wallet, a unique implementation of blockchain development, has revolutionized the finance sector by combining two major aspects of decentralization. It consists of a decentralized exchange for DeFi enthusiasts, and a peer to peer (P2P) exchange.

CryptoKara is a wallet app that allows cryptocurrency users to connect wallets and store and retrieve their digital assets using Klever and trust wallet functionality using Multichain DApp browser, where wallets are decentralized. Send, receive & exchange cryptocurrency with ease on the world’s leading Desktop, Mobile, and Hardware crypto wallets. CryptoKara Wallet App offers a secure wallet for top cryptos – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, TRON, and even more.
FitScrypt: Mine your way to fitness! Exercising has never before been this rewarding. All you have to do is select and visit a fitness location, begin a workout session, and you will be rewarded for your time spent there. FitScrypt was developed to make exercising less like a chore and more like a fun way to earn while doing something that will keep you healthy and happy. With regular promotions, peak hour multipliers, and gym bonuses, your time spent in the gym could not get any more fun! Download FitScrypt and join the fitness revolution today.
ACX is a decentralized Multi-Chain Ecosystem and synthetic asset issuance protocol initially deployed on Fantom. These synthetic assets are collateralized by the ACX Native Token (ACX) which when locked in the contract enables the issuance of synthetic assets (Synths). This pooled collateral model enables users to perform conversions between Synths directly with the smart contract, avoiding the need for counterparties. This peer to smart contract mechanism solves the liquidity and slippage issues experienced by other DEXs, and being deployed on Fantom, will reduce gas fee issues as well.

Weipay is a financial platform for people and companies that is decentralized. The world’s first initiative that allows you to mine a coin by making purchases and sales, as well as offering startup finance based on risk sharing and decentralization principles. The mobile wallet may compete with internet banking in terms of functionality.

The CQR wallet, also known as a secure vault, is revolutionizing the way you think about putting your valuables in a wallet. Members may exchange and transact in the first-ever stable koinonia thanks to the Fintech deployed on this platform. Investing in gold or silver is a safe and practical way to preserve your wealth.

The client came to us with his business model that included mapping out business excellence strategy, improving technological offering and applications for businesses. Many businesses need to integrate with third party crypto payment providers and gateways in order to make payments through their systems and applications.

A secure BaaS solution for cryptocurrency trading with online wallet, crypto and fiat currency exchange, and deposit/withdrawal support.
Hogi Crypto Wallet
Hogi Wallet is a Decentralized Blockchain Marketplace that is a simple cryptocurrency wallet. This is a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet that uses mnemonic phrases to generate many random public and private addresses. HD Wallets also operate a scheme that prevents other users from guessing passwords.
Beyond Finance
A group of investors approached us about developing decentralized finance under their brand. It lacked its own IT staff, server infrastructure, and understanding of how things worked and what rules applied to them. Their vision was to reveal the actual value of decentralized finance by offering people complete exposure to digital assets. They intended to fulfill Beyondfi’s primary goal of allowing millions of users to access NFTs, Synthetics, Derivatives, Fund/Asset Management, and access leading lending protocols, incubation protocols, and more. This interest in decentralized finance is developing among retail and institutional investors.
Bull Ring
The Bull Ring app is a centralized and decentralized star network exchange. It has main features like fast withdrawals, support for electronic funds transfer, and instant buying and selling. This app is also advantageous because it allows its users to access their wallets using emails, unlike other crypto wallets, where users access their wallets using a private key and have to keep it in a secret place.
CoinVeer is a fast, reliable, and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by blockchain and crypto professionals for crypto enthusiasts. We make this platform after seeing firsthand the need for a fast and reliable exchange on the crypto market. It is how digital asset exchange should work. The platform gives you the power to quickly Swap/Veer between assets rapidly, reliable, and smartly. After setting the addresses, press the “Start Transaction” button.
Dunk – A Non-Fungible Token-based Shoe Resale Platform that also supports Wallet Connect. Dunk NFT uses an Ethereum blockchain. The Authentication process is required to place a sneaker for selling at Dunk NFT Platform. The seller user places an Auction, and any other user can buy the NFT by bidding on them, and that Token will be transferred to that specific buyer. Dunk Lottery provides its users a chance to win NFTs. Dunk Staking gives a variety of “Tier” to stake the tokens for a particular time to get some incentives.

As blockchain technology advances, it seems to get more confusing. Business gets flooded with many applications and overburdened with theoretical language.
The Coinomi client approached us intending to make his wallet the world’s most functional blockchain wallet: a premium, single point of contact for interfacing with all types of currencies, tokens, and decentralized applications (or dapps). It is simple to comprehend, but it is also simple to use and accessible to everyone.

Hogi FIn
Hogi fin was a challenging project for us. We have previously worked on defi protocols, but HOGI Fin is an automated market maker. In practice, it is a set of smart contracts that establish a standard method for creating liquidity pools, providing liquidity, and swapping assets. There are two assets in each liquidity pool. The pools maintain track of aggregate liquidity reserves and liquidity providers’ pre-defined pricing methods. Every time someone trades, reserves and prices are automatically adjusted. There are no central order books, third-party custody, or private order matching engines.
Block merchant
Block merchant’s mission was to create a cryptocurrency wallet that would accept crypto payments for your businesses without any complexities or inconvenience. Our team was asked to design and develop a wallet that has detailed and in-depth auto invoicing features for tax compliance and effective customer information collection for KYC and AML requirements enabling merchants to reach out and connect with a large segment of potential consumers looking to spend crypto-assets.
Hybrid Wallet
The client approached us with the concept of developing a hybrid wallet that supports Ripple. His goal was to improve the client’s overall payment experience and open up more economic opportunities for people in all parts of the world. Because the client’s primary worry was security, it was fairly difficult for us to deliver a feature that is sufficiently protected using our cross-chain capable mobile hybrid wallet. However, we were successful in doing so. The client-side should be robust and able to quickly manage a broad set of needs. We proposed a few additions to improve the blockchain wallet application idea. Because the customer was not technically savvy, we held an in-depth conversation with them and guided them through the process of developing their business logic.
Magiv TV Box
Magic TV Box is an entertainment site with a collection of the best Arabic TV channels from Egypt and the Middle East; with more than 200 Arabic TV channels and radio stations, it has everything ranging from Arabic movie channels to Arabic drama and News. Sports, Music, Talk shows, and even cooking channels.
Sky Swap

SkySwap was a difficult project for us. We have previously worked on defi protocols, but SkySwap is a market maker that is automated. In practice, it is a collection of smart contracts that offer a common approach for establishing liquidity pools, delivering liquidity, and swapping assets. Each liquidity pool has two assets. The pools keep track of aggregate liquidity reserves as well as the pre-defined pricing mechanisms of liquidity suppliers. Reserves and prices are immediately changed whenever someone trades. Central order books, third-party custody, or private order matching engines do not exist.

The HOGI Project
The HOGI project is an enormous platform in the crypto-financial world. It features various blockchain projects such as HOGI ERC20 tokens, HOGI Wallet, HOGI Pay, HOGI Gold, HOGI Real estate, and more.