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After the first meeting with Jordan back in December 2021, we quickly realized his brilliant idea and the huge upside potential with minimum downside risk that ACX brings. The idea was to establish a decentralized multichain platform where users can trade in every asset imaginable.

ACX is a decentralized Multi-Chain Ecosystem and synthetic asset issuance protocol initially deployed on Fantom. These synthetic assets are collateralized by the ACX Native Token (ACX) which when locked in the contract enables the issuance of synthetic assets (Synths). This pooled collateral model enables users to perform conversions between Synths directly with the smart contract, avoiding the need for counterparties. This peer to smart contract mechanism solves the liquidity and slippage issues experienced by other DEXs, and being deployed on Fantom, will reduce gas fee issues as well.
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Website design

User friendly, attract new users, professionalism

ACX plans on currently supporting synthetic fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies (long and short), commodities, indices, and leveraged options. ACX holders are incentivized to stake their tokens as they are paid a pro-rata portion of the fees generated through activity on Alchemi Exchange based on their contribution to the protocol coupled with additional daily rewards for staking collateral due to the protocols inflationary monetary policy. It is the right of sACX token holders to participate in the network and capture fees generated from Synth exchanges, as well as bond sales from which the value of the ACX token is derived. Trading on ACX protocol initially will require the users to stake ACX but will be expanding to a multi-collateral module soon after launch. Post-launch, the C ratio will be reduced as more stable collateral is introduced to the protocol.
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Product design

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Infinite Liquidity
CX’s extremely unique model does not have a traditional order book. All transactions are done Peer to Smart Contract as opposed to P2P. Unlike other protocols that profit off maker and taker fees and are widespread in the community today. ACX guarantees the best execution price with the tightest spread every time.

Earn Yield at Scale
ACX liquidity pools are leveraged to deploy assets at scale without issue. The pools are continuously optimized to earn yield generated from functions such as automated market making and safe margin lending that continually redeploy to compound.

Secure, Decentralized, Verifiable.
ACX integrates the highest cryptographic safeguards and best practices while adding WebAuthn protocols. All transactions and states will be validated and stored on public-based blockchains such as BSC, enabling audits and upholding integrity.
ACX Dash
Crypto synthetics enable holders to trade traditional assets and their derivatives while remaining inside a digital ecosystem. The nature of crypto synthetic projects means more open access for investors worldwide. Prior to the creation of synthetic products, only a select few had access to global financial markets. Now, anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection can leverage these powerful investment vehicles high-end estimate for the value of all open derivative contracts is upwards of $1.2 quadrillion, a number exponentially bigger than global real estate ($217 trillion), the global debt ($215 trillion), global stock markets ($73 trillion) and the world’s supply of gold ($7.7 trillion).If ACX succeeds in its goal of capturing 1% of the global derivatives market, ACX has the ability as well as the multi-chain architecture to scale beyond the likes of any Defi product in the market today.