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Case Study

What we did

We’ve been working on crypto wallets for a long time. But, as soon as we started talking to our client about cqr wallet, we knew this project was going to be spectacular. The customer intended to build his token on real-world assets like gold and silver, with the aim of a true “Stablekoinonia” with worldwide transparent accounting built on inflation-resistant precious metals.

The CQR wallet, also known as a secure vault, is revolutionizing the way you think about putting your valuables in a wallet. Members may exchange and transact in the first-ever stable koinonia thanks to the Fintech deployed on this platform. Investing in gold or silver is a safe and practical way to preserve your wealth. However, you can’t just go into a neighborhood store with a bag of gold and silver coins. This is why it is a safe deposit box. Instead of purchasing gold or silver coins, you may obtain safe dollars or other digital assets backed by gold or silver. Digital assets are the equivalent of obtaining digital silver or gold since they reflect actual gold and silver housed in the vault.

Mobile App

Mobile application characteristics that are unique:


True financial independence is defined as the capacity to live off of residual passive cash flows created by leveraged assets while driving securely on a “Toll-Free Road” with “Mandatory Tax-Exempt” Jurisdictional Benefits.


CQR Vault Members enjoy Fungibility and Liquidity, as well as Physical and Jurisdictional Security, over their wealth storage. CQR Vest AP Opportunity Tokens are digital “Smart-Covenants” that reflect genuine Appreciative Assets and Royalties created by syndicated cash flow vehicles called “Asset Pools.”


Send and receive currency anonymously, trade to your favorite Charity, Small Business, and Philanthropic Causes that also have a CQR Vault digital wallet.

Instantaneous Exchange:

Securely exchange Digital Certificates of Authenticity that reflect genuine USD, Ag, Au, and Royalties that can be redeemed or exchanged for Goods and Services with real-time transparent ledger accounting in your palm!

Transaction in Progress:

Real-time monitoring of all worldwide transactions and your CQR Vault asset holdings. View your Community Impact Rating in private.

Platform Development:

Graphic User Interface that is Simple to Use! It’s simple to send money with real value! CQR makes it simple to SECURE your legacy!

Website design

The advantages extend well beyond a safe and secure manner of storing your appreciating assets.

This unique jurisdiction is held by no other organization on the earth. The safe vault, as you can see, is domiciled and managed by a sovereign religious state and is protected under US C Title 26 508 C one A. This is a pretty formal way of indicating that all application trades are tax-acceptable.

It has jurisdictional precedence over all Bona Fide Participant Member exchanges, which are Mandatory Tax-Exempt under 508c(1)A. You may store and preserve your capital with CQR Asset Tokens, experience genuine fungibility with CQR Liquidity Tokens, and earn residual income flows by deploying your private equity investments with CQR Vest. This vault protects your security and financial information because CQR value transactions do not require a card, checks, or a bank account.

Enjoy special discounts from your favorite SBMs with geotargeted CQR Rewards & Asset Pool Royalties while avoiding excessive windfall taxes, banking fees, high currency rates, and costly money transfer costs.