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G-Wallet, a unique implementation of blockchain development, has revolutionized the finance sector by combining two major aspects of decentralization. It consists of a decentralized exchange for DeFi enthusiasts, and a peer to peer (P2P) exchange

Website design


Stellar’s Blockchain Network

G-Wallet is developed on the Stellar Blockchain network which is a decentralized open source blockchain and features less transaction time (3-5 seconds).

Multi wallets

G-Wallet also offers multi-wallet support so users can transfer different crypto-currencies from one digital wallet to another with maximum ease and security.

Know Your Customers

G-Wallet also complies with the ‘Know Your Customers’ services. It consensually collects information to get to know customers to improve service quality.

Realtime Exchange:

All transactions are completed in real-time in G-Wallet which provides users with swift services and better transparency to improve user experience.

P2P Trading

People need ease in buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, although numerous ways are available but buying a cryptocurrency using a bank account is still a pain, the easy solution way needed, that’s how we brainstormed a solution using P2P trade with GWallet escrow service.

Escrow Service

G-Wallet empowers users to trade directly with each other without muddling with intermediaries. G-wallet is also an escrow service provider, making the funds transfer tightly secured.

It is a hybrid wallet that will offer several features including the integration of a decentralized exchange and peer-to-peer exchange.


Anchor Service Backend Development

Anchors are the backbone in the G-wallet development as they connect the Stellar network to traditional banking rails, so the world currencies can interoperate on a single platform. Anchors provide limitless access to the financial infrastructure. Since it is a relatively new technology so, it took our team’s exorbitant effort in understanding the anchors echo systems and then implementing it by following SEP’s. Our team did extensive research in this area and understood the anchor ecosystem within one month. Later on, implemented anchor service development in NestJS that supports multiple-crypto assets.

Sleek yet Intuitive User Interface

The sleek yet intuitive user interface is the one that does not represent the bulk of functionalities on the screen, but contains all functionalities underneath. From the outer glance, it seems to be a simple interface (just like apple product’s user-interface) but they are highly robust, responsive, and dynamic. Translating such a design from the paper to the gadget screen is not an easy task. In order to provide each customer with a personalized experience as many use cases and scenarios were kept in mind as possible. It took us a good amount of time in thinking of all possible use cases and then develop their paths on the end-user screens.

Decentralized Development of Front End

While developing the decentralized front-end, the biggest challenge was to make an effective use of the wallet that stores blockchain addresses, and cryptographic keys. In a decentralized system, the functions of APIs are performed by the wallet. This wallet triggers the smart contract which further initiates the activities of the blockchain. Our security team of experts did a great job in this regard. To provide a securer ecosystem, the transactions are carried out within the user devices.


  • React
  • Stellar
  • React Native
  • Node
  • Ethereum
  • MongoDB

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