Design & Development

Case Study

What we did

The client came to us with his business model that included mapping out business excellence strategy, iimproving technological offering and applications for businesses. Many businesses need to integrate with third party crypto payment providers and gateways in order to make payments through their systems and applications. However, due to substantial fees incurred by payment providers, they were unable to integrate that therefore he wanted to create his own custom payment gateway that would be more effective and cost‐efficient.

Website design

For enterprises of all sizes, the payment gateway provides cryptocurrency payment processing services. G-permission-based Pay’s account management and fiat transfers to bank accounts are just a few of the reasons why it has become many people’s preferred payment processor. By providing numerous options for setting up cryptocurrency payments for any online or physical business, the firm moves cryptocurrencies closer to broad use. Payment buttons, web applications, and API connectivity for the largest e-commerce platforms are all options.

Core Feature


The decentralized niche allows you to manage your own digital money with complete confidence and independence.


Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any assistance or questions.


Your safe P2P escrow services for crypto to fiat trading.


Stellar allows you to produce, transfer, and trade digital representations of any type of money.


We created the following features for merchants using GPay:

  • An Online Profile Containing Bank Account Information And Other Preferences
  • Withdrawal Of Money In Fiat And Stablecoins
  • Capacity To Hold Crypto In Its Current State (For Trading/Investment Purposes).
  • A Conversion Mechanism For Various Cryptocurrencies Into A Stablecoin
  • Assistance With Multiple E-Commerce And Crm Systems
  • Kyc/Aml.
  • Reports And Analytics
  • History Of Transactions